The British Electric Industry 1990-2010:
The Rise and Demise of Competition

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About the Author

I studied engineering at the Universities of Bristol and Virginia, and some economics at the London School of Economics. I have had a varied career including time in McKinsey; seconded to the civil service for a while; appointed chairman of the London Electricity Consultative Council and board member of London Electricity.

Subsequently I have advised extensively in Britain, Europe, North America, and ANZAC.  I undertook comparative international studies of various facets of electricity industries including “Ensuring generation adequacy”; “The practices and principles of transmission pricing in competitive markets”; “An international assessment of competitive power markets”; “Electric mass market retailing”; and “Smart Metering”. I was the founding secretary of the international Association of Power Exchanges. The international perspectives improved my understanding of electric markets.

I have published various articles in The Electricity Journal (US), Public Utilities Fortnightly (US), Power UK, and Utility Week and published three books - “The economic failure of nuclear power in Great Britain” (1989); “The electricity industries of eleven west European countries” (1992); “The privatisation of the electricity supply industry in England & Wales” (1994).




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